When love comes around...

My eyes are open to read you :)   ...And by love I mean God! :)

Español, English, Français. I'm a 20 (almost 21) years old young woman who wants to show to the world what awesome God we have! "If God tells us "...go and make disciples of all nations..." -Matthew 28:19; Why not make it in this virtual world!?" :D

Dieu t'aime! Il n'y a plus à dire

Btw: I LOVE being Catholic! :)

dearstefania preguntó: You look super pretty both ways girl! :)


Thanks! :)

I know (God made no mistakes!), but I think that the anon has a point: every person looks better with a smile on! :D 

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Anónimo preguntó: I liked you smiling.


Awww thanks :3

Well, I think I’m gonna change it just for that! :) 

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Things Catholic Girls Like


- babies
- The rosary
- Mama Mary
- Novenas to St Anne
- babies
- chapel veils
- cardigans
- maxi skirts
- St Teresa of Avila
- St Therese of Lisuex
- St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross
- Pope Francis
- babies
- bemoaning the lack of cute, Catholic guys
- bemoaning the lack of cute, Catholic guys not in the seminary
- babies
- crying in confession
- crying in Mass
- crying in adoration
- complaining about not finding modest outfits
- babies
- saints bracelets
- saints medals
- researching awesome orders while discerning
- whining about not being to be a nun and have lots of tiny humans at the same time
- babies
- fangirling over deacons
- fangirling over priests
- fangirling over bishops
- fangirling over popes
- picking which Saints to name their kids after
- babies
- praying outside abortion clinics
- being pro-life
- debating with pro-abortion advocates
- babies

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#This is SO TRUE 
Anónimo preguntó: I liked your other avatar better :)


Really?? :o Thank you anon. :)

And may I ask you, why? 

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